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Embrace of memory
Vvardenfell, 3E 326
"T'uran!" Her crimson eyes spied a familiar figure walking through the endless steppe. The wind was blowing sand through the air and she covered her nose with the scarf. Summer had not approached already but it was unusually hot that year. A big smile appeared on her face and she ran towards him. She threw against him in a loving embrace and both fell in the sand. "You came!"
T'uran ruffled her hair. "I promised, hla daeseh. For your birthday."
"This is today. I already thought you would not come... I missed you so much." She looked at her brother, it was almost one year she had not seen him. She always admired him; he was tall and fierce like their father. The wind made his long raven black hair wave around him; the ruthless sun let his eyes shine in a deep ruby colour. "Sooo how is it to live in the fell?"
"City... town. Suran is no city compared to Balmora... or Vivec." T'uran lower
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Mind Control
It was a cold sunny day outside, yet the Roxey Inn was overcrowded by consumers and guests. Lucretia woke from the damped noise coming from downstairs. The hot body near hers was warming her; the dim sound of his regular breath made her feel relaxed. She brushed her nose against his chest and inhaled his musky scent. Her over receptive ears sensed his slowly heartbeat. His arms were surrounding her like a soft prison and her legs were hooked around his thigh. Laying both sideways, they were facing each others. Lucretia blinked and opened her eyes to make sure she wasn't dreaming. She observed the sleeping man in front of her, he looked blissful. Her fingers found a strain of his black hair and played absently with it; again she inhaled the masculine scent of his pale skin. Gently she traced over his torso; her fingertips following the complex design the countless scars were forming all over it. She observed the recent lesion caused by arrows, again
:icontowardnone:towardnone 0 39


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Madman's dream


Madman's dream sketch by towardnone

"Are you doing drugs lately or are you completely out of mind?" Alval looked concerned at the black haired Imperial. "And why are you dressed in red? Did you join the Order of the Mythic Dawn or what?"

Lucien shook his head. "No and no. It's just a red robe." He paused and looked at the Dunmer who was already impatient. "Maybe I used the wrong term. I need to move her to another Sanctuary."

"You lost your whole Sanctuary and you want to renounce to your Silencer as well? You're making me regret to be on your side!"

"I work better alone, so I can focus entirely on the treachery." Lucien explained to him.

"I see." Alval nodded. "I can understand. Where do you want to move her?" Lucien smirked and the Dunmer widened his eyes. "No."


"Why my Sanctuary?"

"The only two Speakers I trust are you and J'ghasta."

"Then send her to him."

Lucien shook his head. "She needs to be treated with an iron hand."

Alval laughed grimly. "You're not going to send me a rambling rebel to take care of just because you can't keep her under control. You wanted her in the Brotherhood and you broke the rule to not hire new assassins, now pay the consequences."

Lucien nodded and sighed deeply; he sat on the bed and looked on the wooden floor. Alval understood he was serious. "It's actually not because of that. I have personal issues with her which makes it impossible to work with... You are the right person to keep up with her attitude since you both are Dunmer."

"Hm." Alval murmured and brushed a strand of his shoulder long hair back. "What kind of personal issues?"

"I think she has feelings for me." Lucien admitted reluctantly.

"Lachance, I'm going to burn you to ashes! You're shifting you social climber to me?" The Dunmer looked angry at him but Lucien seemed not amused.

"Don't worry, Uvani. You're too ugly for her."

"You're not funny! Why don't you send her to Arquen? She likes to mistreat young assassins."

"She is too pretty for Arquen. I'm not going to let her put her filthy claws on my Silencer. And besides that, I don't trust her."

Alval walked forth and back through the room, his hands together behind her back. "Does she know about your plan?"

"I haven't informed her yet."

Alval studied Lucien for a short while in silence. "Fine, I'll take her to me but only if she agrees. I don't want a crying girl in my Sanctuary. You owe me a huge favour, Lachance. I can understand your ugly situation, yet I do this for the Dark Brotherhood, not for you." Lucien gave him a nod of gratitude. "We should inform the Listener."

"Where is he?"

"In Valenwood, I think. I'll leave tomorrow at noon. If I will not see or hear from you, I take our agreement for nullified." Alval and Lucien shook their hands. "About Bellamont..."

"I've seen him right before exiting the All Things Alchemical."

"I know."

"You know?"

Alval eyed Lucien grimly. "I'm following his traces since a while. I'm more and more convinced that he's involved in something strange."

Lucien raised an eyebrow. "Like?"

Alval looked directly into Lucien's hazel eyes. "Necromancy." Lucien nodded, he was already expecting that answer. "I don't think it's just curiosity. I have the suspect it's a morbid obsession."


"First, he's investigating since a while about that haunted house in Anvil. And now he's courting that Dunmer necrophiliac hoping to learn something maybe."

Lucien frowned his forehead and looked confused at Alval. "What Dunmer necrophiliac?"

"Falanu Hlaalu, the Alchemist." Lucien gazed the other Speaker in silence. "I've no bloody idea what he's trying to do but I'm sure he's involved into something sinister. And I think it's a conspiracy against you." Alval pointed his index towards the Imperial.

"I wonder just about one thing. Why do you care?"

"Not because of you of course. It's a personal matter to me. He was my Silencer. I always thought he was a strange guy but since he became Speaker two years ago everything seems to be fallen into chaos. It can't be a coincidence."

Lucien nodded and brushed his chin, his fingertips felt his beard stubbles. "Either it's a jinx or he's a plotter."

Alval's red eyes darkened. "And you know how much I hate conspiracies."

Lucien sat still on the bed and looked on the floor again. The Dunmer observed him; he was the usual haughty and arrogant Imperial but he seemed to look worried. "Does Bellamont know that the haunted manor in Anvil is of my property?"

Alval shook his head. "I don't think... I didn't even know myself."

Lucien smirked. "Time to investigate about that spooky story, then. I'll do it as soon as possible. Alert your spies. I want to know about every single move he makes."

"I don't take orders from you, Lachance."

Lucien stood and neared the taller Dunmer; he closed the distance until their noses touched and faced him ominously. "I'm asking for a favour."


"Lucretia! Open the door!" Lucien knocked violently against the wooden access but the Dunmer did not answer. "I suggest you to do what I say or you’re going to regret it bitterly."

Eyja walked up the stairs and neared him cautiously. "Master." She made him sign to follow her downstairs.

"What is it now?"

"I'm worried. She was the whole time upstairs and didn't talk one word. I think she feels sad."

Lucien raised an eyebrow. "Well then, her sorrow is going to come to an end. She's moving to Leyawiin. Tomorrow."

Eyja neared him and touched his arm. "Let me try to talk to her. I don't think that sending her away is the right decision."

"Did I ask for your opinion?" Lucien looked upset at the Nord.

"I heard your argument last night... Don't take decisions out of rage. Try at least to talk calmly."

Lucien rolled his eyes. "Fine then, but if she behaves badly I'll not think twice about it."


Eyja knocked at the door. "Lucy, it's me. Open please." She could not hear any answer. "Luke is not here. He's downstairs." Shortly after the Dunmer unlocked and opened the door; looking suspiciously at her. Eyja pushed her inside and closed the door behind them both. "Lucy. He wants to send you away." She whispered and the elf widened her eyes.


"I convinced him to talk with you."

"Pff... I don't want to talk to him." She shrugged.

"Lucy... put your pride aside and at least try... You're going to regret it otherwise."

Lucretia walked forth and back through the room, then she neared Eyja again. "I'll try... but please remain with me or he's going to give me another headwash." Eyja nodded and neared her, then she closed her arms around the tiny Dunmer.

"Don't worry." Lucretia relaxed between the tall woman's arms and embraced her as well. Eyja caressed her hair and inhaled her scent; her hand wandered slowly along her spine and stopped right over her backside. "Come, let's go." Holding hands both women walked downstairs where Lucien was already awaiting them in front of the fireplace.

"Eyja, excuse us but this is a private conversation."

The Nord looked at Lucretia who gave her a nod. "I go to the feast for a while."

As they were alone, Lucien made her gesture to sit and served her a cup of tea. He took place in front of her and drank a sip from his cup. Lucretia observed him, he looked angry at her but she noticed he tried to keep his rage under control. She was sure she was looking insecure at him, as usual she felt her thoughts exposed to him. She inhaled deeply and wanted to speak but his velvety voice intoned first.

"Can you behave like an adult and can we have a mature conversation or do I need to force you my decisions?" Her big eyes blinked a couple of times and then she lowered her gaze and nodded.

Lucien inhaled deeply. "I have the feeling my presence is bothering you lately so I thought well about it and tried to find the solution who works best for you." He paused and her eyes found his; his tone was cold but his glance was somehow displeased. "Before you became my Silencer you asked for a transfer. I arranged it already, you can move to the Leyawiin Sanctuary tomorrow." Lucretia looked incredulously at him and wanted to speak but he lifted his hand, making her sign to stay shut. "You'll lose your status as Silencer and you will be downgraded to the rank as Executioner but I think it's not that big deal for you. The Speaker and other members of the Sanctuary there are Dunmer, you'll get along fine. It was not an easy decision but I think it's the best for all."

Lucretia shook speechless her head. She thought going away from him would have made her joyful but now it felt like a stab in her chest. "You... want to send me away?"

"I'm not sending you away. You have a choice. Since you think I ruined your life, I thought you would be glad about it."

She could feel a tear ran down her cheek as she reminded what Vicente told her. 'He warned me he would get rid of me once he's done. After what happened with Caman yesterday he surely does not want to have anything to do with me anymore...' She cried out loud and hoped Lucien would sit near her and give her comfort.

"Why are you crying now? You're free from me and you can meet your Altmer friend whenever you prefer."

"He told me you would throw me away like a used tissue. You said to me to not listen to him, just because you knew he was telling the truth?"

"Listen to whom?"

"To Vicente! Why are you doing this to me, Lucien? I trusted you and all I wanted is to love you but you don't really seem to care about..." Lucretia buried her face between her hands.

Lucien looked heartbroken at the Dunmer in front of him. He wanted to console her but he decided to remain stern. It would be easier for her to leave him if he didn't show emotions. "Lucretia, if you really think it was my intent to fool and use you, then it might be the right decision if you go. I'll never bother you again and I'll be out of your life forever. The choice is up to you; you have time until tomorrow at noon. Think well about it, but remember, if you decide to remain, there will never be sentimental involvement again. Nor physical, nor anything. We just work together, anything else is over." Lucien stood slowly and remained standing still in front of her. "Good night, Silencer." He walked to the door leading to the basement and disappeared behind it.


It was hours later as Eyja came back and entered the living room to warm up with a cup of hot tea. She noticed the Dunmer sitting at the table, her head leaning on it and her arms surrounding her face. "Lucy, what are you doing here?" She lifted her head and the Nord noticed her swollen red eyes. Eyja put the teapot near the fire and then she took place near the other woman. She brushed a strand of hair behind her ear.

"He wants to send me away. To that stinking hole of Leyawiin." A tear rolled down her cheek and Eyja wiped it away.

"But that's a good thing, isn't it? We can visit each other sometimes. I want to remain your friend." The Nord took her hand and Lucretia began to cry. She searched for Eyja's embrace and buried her face in her neck. She traced over Lucretia's hair and kissed her temple. "Don't cry..." As the Dunmer had calmed herself down, she stood and prepared two cups of tea. "Here, drink some." Lucretia sipped the hot beverage. "You don't want to leave?"

She shook her head. "No. I don't want to. I love him so much that it hurts... and I don't want to live without him, even if I can't have him."

"What do you mean?" Eyja blinked confused at her.

"His term of remaining is that our relationship will be exclusively of work."

Eyja's mouth opened and looked surprised at her. "What? So it's over?" Lucretia nodded and wiped a tear from her cheek. "Oh, Lucy. I'm so sorry."

She shrugged and took a sip of tea. "Happens."

"Well... see it positively. You can officially date that Altmer now." Lucretia shook her head and looked into her gentle amber eyes. "Why not? I thought you like him..."

"I do... I like him. A lot..."


"But still love him... I can't date Caman now. It would be too confusing for me and I'm not ready. I already had troubles because of one man, I think I need a time out."

"Or try another cup of tea." Lucretia looked confused at the smiling Eyja; she didn't know what she meant but stood up and walked to the wooden door. "Where are you going?"

"Down to tell him my decision. Before I lose my courage."


Lucien turned in the small bed and opened his eyes. He saw a pale figure walking towards him. She was wearing a white nightgown, her dark hair was hanging loosely over her shoulders and was embracing her figure. Lucien blinked a couple of times, he wasn't sure he was seeing right.

"Lucretia... what are you doing here?" She put an index on his lips and brushed his cheek, her face smiled gently. She knelt on the ground in front of him and took his hand.

"I want to remain, Lucien. I want to remain with you, because I love you." She kissed his hand and he felt a lump in his throat.

"I already told you-" She interrupted him again shaking her head. Slowly she stood up and took her nightgown off. The white cloth fell on the floor and Lucien looked incredulously at the naked figure in front of him. His eyes followed her legs upwards and arrived at her soft flanks, her dark hair was covering her breasts but he could spy the line that connected her navel to her collarbones. Lucien sucked his lower lip in and nibbled nervously at it; he didn't know what to expect from her now.

"This is my term of remaining. Either all of me or nothing." With a sensual move she traced over her breasts and let her hands wander further down. Lucien stopped them as they arrived at her hipbones.

"I would be a madman if I'd deny you right now." He whispered and tore her down to him. He buried his hand in her wild mane and kissed her ardently. She returned his kiss and sat on his lap. Lucien was already hard and she was excited, it took him no effort to penetrate her. His arms held her firm as he began to trust into her but soon she pushed him gently back, making him lay on the bed.

"Let me..." Lucretia kissed him and his hands traced over her back until he reached her buttocks, squeezing them gentle. She began to move in a steady rhythm over him. Lucien threw his head back and closed his eyes. As he opened them again, she had disappeared. He was alone and excited; he understood it was another of his vivid dreams. ‘When will you stop to torment my dreams...?’

Lucien shook his head and brushed his long hair back. He turned his face and saw Lucretia nearing him slowly. 'What the...' She was not wearing the alluring nightgown, neither was her hair lose. She was dressed like earlier, with a black tunic and her hair tied up to a messy bun on the top of her head.

"Lucretia... what are you doing here?" He heard himself asking her the same words once again. She knelt in front of the bed, her face did not look gentle but grim. Lucien was still not sure if she was there for real or if he was dreaming again.

"I want to remain, Lucien." He expected her to add other words but she looked at him in silence.

"Why?" He wanted to know and sat up, aware to hide his hard member.

"Because..." Lucretia took his hand and held it firm into hers. "I have sworn my loyalty to you, Lucien... Speaker. I want to keep faith to my word." Lucien was surprised from her answer and looked at her with a hint of satisfaction. "It was before anything between us began. I want to try to behave like a grown-up and I want you to be proud of me." Lucien gave her a nod of approval. "I just have one request..."

"Whatever you want." He whispered and could not control the thrill in his voice. Lucretia wasn't sure but it seemed her to sense excitement coming from him, his scent was more intense and his heartbeat was slightly faster than usual.

"Please, help me to cure this damn Vampirism. I can't stand it anymore."

Lucien raised an eyebrow. "You seemed so delighted to be a vampire."

Lucretia shook desperately her head. "No, Lucien. I thought well about it. It makes me an terrible person. I don't want to be like that. I don't want to be like this morning... I am becoming obsessive and unpleasant, like Vicente was. Now I understand why you hate vampires."

Lucien eyed her closely and brushed gently her hair. "I promise you we'll get the cure as soon as possible. Now go up and sleep." She nodded and before she walked upstairs he called for her and she turned to him. “Your life would be easier without me.”

She sighed out loudly and gave him a sad smile. “But it wouldn’t be the same.”



“What day is it today?” Lucretia asked Eyja while she was cooking breakfast.


“Nooo, I mean the date.”

Eyja had to think shortly about. “23rd of Sun’s Dusk. Why?”

“Tomorrow is his birthday.” The Dunmer was excited about the forthcoming event. “Lucieeen!” Lucretia yelled through Rosethorn Hall.

“Why are you calling him Lucien? Isn’t his name Luke?”

She shrugged. “Luuukeee!”

Lucien appeared in the kitchen with a bothered face. “Are you done making noise?”

Lucretia shook her head and giggled. “Eyja told me something.”

He raised an eyebrow. “What did she tell you? That you’re a little annoying elf?”

“No. That tomorrow is your birthday.”

“Yes I know.”

“Of course you know but you told me nothing?” She looked disappointed at him. Lucien ignored her and sat at the table. Lucretia gained courage and made him a proposal. “I thought we could celebrate your birthday at the wine festival tonight.”

“I thought you don’t like wine.”

“Not really but you do.”

Lucien faced her, still annoyed by her vivid enthusiasm. “I like aged wines and young women. And not vice-versa. You should know that.” He smirked at her.

Lucretia was not discouraged by Lucien’s unfriendly attitude. “Yes but I thought you want to celebrate.”

“I don’t celebrate birthday. I’m not ten years old.”

Lucretia rolled her eyes and was irritated, she wanted to do something for him but he was dull as usual. “Well then, Mr. Pissy! Eyja and I will go without you!”

Lucien pointed his finger at them. “You two go nowhere without supervision.”

Lucretia remained speechless and Eyja tried to save the situation. “Come on, master. She just wanted to have some fun with you tonight. I think it’s a nice idea. We can go there and just have a couple of cups and come back. It wouldn’t harm you, you look quite stressed lately. Forgive my sincerity.”

Lucien looked at her for a couple of minutes. “Are joining us?”

She nodded. “I would be glad, if you like me to.”

Lucien thought about it while they were eating. “Fine then. But no heavy drinking.” He pierced his eyes in Lucretia’s. “Alright?”

“Yes, master.” She said with her arrogant tone.


The bell was sounding six in the afternoon as a Dunmer left Rosethorn Hall and entered The Colovian Traders.

"Oh, good you're here. Where's Luke?"

Lucretia was literally upset and moved her hands hysterically. "I don’t know! He left the house shortly after you and I haven't seen him since there. I think he escaped our plan to party tonight!"

"That fucker! Well, we don’t let our fun get ruined, right? Let's go us two."

"I left him a note on the table that we're awaiting him there."

"Well done, Lucy. You look pretty tonight. Who do you want to enchant? Caman or Luke or both?" The Nord smirked and Lucretia hit her arm.


Both women arrived at the festival and took place near a wine counter. They began to drink and to play dice poker.

"Is Conan not here today?" Eyja wondered.

"Caman. I don’t know..."

"He asked for you yesterday, forgot to tell you."

Lucretia looked straight into the Nord's face. "Did he?"

"Aye. He seemed a bit worried. I told him you weren't feeling right."

"Ahn." Lucretia lifted her gaze and her eyes searched for the Altmer warrior through the crowd but he was not to see.

"Come, let's go for a round. I already feel tipsy, I might need something to eat as well." Lucretia nodded and followed the tall woman.

"Luke has seen me the other day with Caman."

"Thought so. What did he say?"

Lucretia widened her eyes and waved nervously with her hands. "He was so fucking angry! And he gave me a pretty scold!"

"I've heard you argue upstairs... I had the suspicion it was because of that."

"Asshole." Lucretia shook her head and spied a fiery mane near the Surilie Brothers’ counter. "I think Caman's over there."

"Well then go, I remain here and eat something."

"But what should I talk to him?"

Eyja rolled her eyes. "Lucy! Don’t always be that paranoid. Go there and just be spontaneous." She pushed her away. "Hush! Go!"

Lucretia neared the corner where Caman was sitting, she noticed he was alone and unseen by most people. Caman gulped down several sips of wine and slammed the earthenware cup violently on the table, breaking it in several shards. He threw his head back and closed his eyes, while both of his hands wandered beneath the table. She came closer, but he had not noticed her presence yet. Caman was breathing heavily and began to groan lowly.

"Yes, suck it, bitch. Make me fucking cum." He whispered and she wasn’t sure she had heard right. "Fuck yeah. Damnit!" Caman growled low. He opened his eyes and saw Lucretia standing in front of him, while she in return noticed a blonde girl emerging from under the table. She needed a couple of seconds to understand what was going on. "Lucy! Come here." Caman called out to her and was already shooing the other woman but the Dunmer was shocked; she shook her head. "So-sorry, it was not my intent to disturb you." Embarrassed she ran away.

Eyja noticed her shaken face as Lucretia came back. "What's wrong? Seems like you've seen a ghost."

"I need something to drink." Both women ordered wine and took place on a bench. Lucretia emptied half of her cup in one sip.

"Lucy, what happened?"

"I-I was going there and then a woman came up and-"


"A woman was giving him a blowjob under the table!" Eyja looked incredulous at her and then she burst out loud. "Why are you amused?"

"Holy shit, that guy knows how to have fun." Lucretia raised an eyebrow and observed Eyja laughing.

"What... what is it with men and blowjobs? Seems like they’re obsessed with it..."

"Lucy... they're men. Of course they are." Eyja sipped at her cup and smirked. "I mean, you like it too when somebody eats you up, don’t you?"

Lucretia blushed and looked embarrassed in her cup, pretending to find something else than wine in it. "I don’t like to talk about these things."

Eyja giggled. "You should be a bit cooler with these things. I mean, everyone does it. Why are you ashamed to talk about it?"

"I don’t feel to..."

Eyja smirked mischievously. "Pity. I wanted to ask you how Luke is in bed. I imagine him very passionate but since he's always pissed maybe a bit wicked-"

"Eyja!" Lucretia's crimson eyes gazed at her angrily and the Nord laughed out loud.

"The ladies mind if I join them?" Lucretia looked up and to her surprise she saw Lucien standing in front of them; her heart skipped. 'He's so handsome...' Lucien was wearing black common clothes and to her delight his black hair was falling free over his shoulders, his long beard stubbles were covering his face like a dim shadow and gave him an intriguing appearance. Like at the beginning, she felt uncomfortable for looking at him. 'Lucien... what are you doing to me?'

"...just don’t sit near Lucy, she's quite venomous today." Eyja pulled her tongue out to her and Lucien took place near the Nord.

"She might be poisonous but she's rather sweet when she's angry, don't you think?" Lucien gave her a genuine smile, small wrinkles formed around his slid eyes; their hazel colour was shining brighter than usual that evening. She read sweet poison on his lips, as he told her those unspoken words and felt a strange sensation in her stomach.

“Dice poker?”

Lucien shrugged. “Why not.”


The dices rolled multiple times, several cups of wine were emptied as they heard the crown shout. "Bear fight!"

Lucien raised his head, his face darkened. "Excuse me, ladies. I can't stand this brutality." He stood and rushed away.

"What is wrong with him?" Eyja wondered and Lucretia shrugged. With an eye exchange they decided to follow him. Lucretia saw a giant bear chained to a pole and several men surrounding and hitting the helpless animal with spears. "Damn, I always hated this... what is he doing?"

"Saving the bear..." Lucretia told more to herself than to the other woman. She felt a gentle touch on her shoulder and turned. Caman was standing behind her.

"Hey lass." The tall Altmer smiled down at her.

Lucretia eyed him shyly. "Hey... Caman..."

"What's going on?"

"N-nothing?" She avoided his chartreuse coloured eyes but he took her chin and lifted her gaze.

"Seems like you're angry with me."

"Ahn no... I'm not."

"What the fuck is wrong with you then? You ran like a fucking Dremora was after you earlier." The Altmer wondered. "Did it bug you that I skull fucked that girl? I'd prefer your lovely mouth any ways." He smirked maliciously.

"I know you just want to have fun but I'm not so cool with these things..."

Caman smirked. "Hm... I think you've had just too little experience. I can help you to get some more if you want."

"If you want that fucking bear you've to fight against all of us!"

Caman lifted his gaze and eyed over the crowd. "What the fuck is Mr. Pussy doing?"

Lucretia shrugged. "Saving the bear."

"And why?"

"Ah, I don't know. He has his own ethic codex about certain things."

Caman's face revealed his disapproval but he changed subject. "I was a bit worried since I haven't seen you yesterday. Was he jealous the other night?"

"Mhm, a bit. We had an ugly argument and he decided it's over once for all between us.”

Caman chuckled. "Pff over? I'm pretty sure that guy can’t keep his dick in his pants when he sees you."

"But he said."

Caman laughed out loud and shook his head. "He's fucking playing with you, lassie. Want to have that bugger back? Play with him."

"And how?"

Caman smirked mischievously. "Just wait and let the master do his work." Lucretia raised an eyebrow and looked confused at him, she could not guess what the Altmer had in mind.

Lucien defeated his opponents and murmured some words to the bear. He freed it from the heavy chain; the big and menacing animal became docile, Lucien touched gently its head and the bear followed him outside the town.

"How the bloody fuck was he able to tame that bear?" Caman wondered.

"He's a sorcerer. It's just a spell."

Caman led the other elf near the next counter and ordered two cups of wine, Lucretia preceded him paying for the drinks. "For what?" He looked surprised at her.

"Because, my dear friend Caman, I owe you one."

"And why?"

"Because I like you." She admitted shyly. 'Pity I don’t like you enough... I think it would be easier to love someone like you than someone like Lucien.'

Caman looked behind her. "It's showtime." A villain smirk appeared on his face. "Ready?"


Lucien neared them and eyed both suspiciously.

“Hey Mr. Pissy Skyfucker.” Caman made fun of Lucien but the Imperial ignored his peeve.

“The girl is here with me tonight. Hope you don’t mind...” Lucien pointed to Lucretia.

“I don’t think she really minds my presence. Actually I think she's enjoying it like blazes." Caman's hands cupped both of her cheeks and he lowered his head to meet her lips. The Dunmer welcomed his passionate kiss; her hands leaned on his chest. Lucien waited patiently until they were done; as their lips parted Caman shot him a challenging eye look. "Is she going to have half as much fun with you as she's having with me?"

Lucien neared Lucretia and pulled her away from Caman, he pushed her against the counter and crushed his lips on hers. Lucretia inhaled his musky scent before his tongue entered her mouth, she could taste his desire and his craving for her. As he lifted her slender form up, putting her legs around his waist, she threw her arms around his neck. His hands traced avidly over her thighs and as they finally reached her bum, she could feel his fingers pressing into her flesh. Lucien broke the kiss and breathed heavily against her wet lips, his eyes looked shortly in her crimson ones before he began to kiss roughly her neck. Lucretia's eyes found Caman's, he winked and her lips told him a speechless Thank you. Caman gave her a smile before he turned and walked away.

"Lucien... what are you doing?" She tried to collect herself and to not fall again into Lucien's trap. "Aren’t we supposed to be only colleagues?"

Lucien leaned his forehead on hers and sighed. "Yes, I just... wanted to fuck him off." He smirked and put her on the ground again. "Let's go back to Eyja." Lucretia nodded and was about to walk as Lucien pulled her gently back. "Wait." He whispered and his hand searched for something in his pocket.

Lucien held a vial with a deep red thick liquid in it in front of her face. “What is that?”


She looked speechless at him. “But… what… where did you get it?”


Lucretia took the vial. “Is this yours?”

Lucien chuckled and shook his head. “Of course not. Just thought I’d keep you out of trouble.” She emptied the small glass vial. She could feel the blood heating her insides, making her feel slightly stoned. Her heartbeat became faster and she could feel anything amplified.

“Where have you been all the time?” She asked him while they walked to Eyja.

“Business. And letting the chapel healer check my wounds.”

Eyja observed them both coming towards her and smiled broadly. “Were you two making out at the counter?”

Lucretia blushed and Lucien reprehended her. “Eyja...”


“Let’s go dance a round.” Eyja suggested and the Dunmer agreed. “You join, master?”

Lucien looked serious at her. “Pff no?”

“You’re boring.” Lucretia said to him before she followed the Nord.

Lucien observed both women dancing and having fun as a tall figure plopped down next to him ungracefully. The Imperial already knew who it was and gazed over to the redhaired Altmer angrily. He was not smirking like he usually did but looked seriously at him. “What do you want here?”

Caman took Lucien’s cup and emptied it in one shot, then he cleaned his mouth on his sleeve. “I was just wondering, ‘Luke, the fucking sorcerer’, if you might know a dear friend of mine.”

“Hm. I hope not.” Lucien’s hazel eyes studied Caman’s green ones closely.

“His name is Sorilkad Malur. He’s a mage at the Arcane University.”

“Never heard of.”

Caman sat in silence and did not take his gaze from Lucien. He knew he was hiding something and the Imperial felt Caman knew more than he said.

“Ready for round two?” A blonde Nord neared him and sat on his lap. Caman’s left corner of his mouth curled in his signature smirk as he eyed Lucien again. He stood and threw the woman over his shoulder, making her giggle and squeak as he fingered her backside.

“Make sure you’re going to have some bloody fun tonight, you pissed fucker.” Caman walked away leaving Lucien alone with his thoughts. ‘Having fun...’ He ordered another wine.


Lucien observed both women sitting near each other in front of him. Eyja had a very social attitude, she was joking the whole time; Lucretia looked very unworried for once. She was laughing like crazy at Eyja’s nonsense talk. The Imperial noticed how lovely she looked when she dropped her arrogant mask. ‘A naïve young woman, plagued by a dark past…’ But now she was just Lucy; a happy, cheerful, almost childish girl. He also noticed Eyja began to flirt with her. Lucien got it years ago, Eyja wasn’t interested in men, and she never showed any form of interest in him. ‘But Lucretia?’ He couldn’t tell since she had any experience prior to him; he also never thought about that.

Eyja was sending her malicious eye looks and the Dunmer responded to her flirts like it was a game. Soon the Nord looked at Lucien and then pointed with her glance to the drinking Lucretia; he gave a slight nod. Then she looked at the elf again and lifted an eyebrow, smirking. He grinned back and drank from his cup. They were all very tipsy, Lucretia was already drunk. She laughed all the time and her cheeks were pink; she was so pretty in his eyes looking that carefree.

“Lucy, you’re laughing all the time!”

“It’s the wine.” Lucien stated grinning. “Let’s finish our drinks and go back home.”

Lucretia shook her head. “Nooo there’s nothing to drink. I want to stay here. Eyja you want to stay here with me, am I right?” She hugged Eyja’s arm and leaned her head on her shoulder.

“Sure. Let him go home alone.” Eyja grinned and rested her head on Lucretia’s.

“Yes, go home Lu. We are going to have fun anyways.” She hugged the other woman. Lucien stared into the Nord’s eyes. She looked at the uninhibited Dunmer, took her chin and lifted in and pressed their lips together. Firstly she was shocked, but she returned the innocent kiss much to Lucien’s surprise.

“Maybe it’s better we go home…” Eyja pressed her lips on the Dunmer’s again.

“No I want another wine!” She yammered.

“Eyja has self made mead at home.”

Lucretia’s face became serious. “Really? I want it! Now! But don’t trick me, eh? I’m not going to sleep.”

As she stood, she stumbled upon her own feet. “Lucy!” Eyja supported her; she and Lucien looked amused at the Dunmer. While the two women walked arm in arm, Eyja’s hand traced cautiously over her figure. She could feel a tiny, yet toned body underneath all the clothes. The cute mer near her was exciting her. Eyja has never been with a Dunmer woman before and only the thought was thrilling her, still she feared that Lucien had not understand what she meant. They arrived back at Rosethorn Hall and Lucretia walked straight into the kitchen, sitting on the dining table.

“Gimme the mead, please!” She whined to Eyja; Lucien made her sign to remain.

“I’m taking it. Stay.” He pierced his eyes into her amber ones; she figured out he had understand.

“It’s in the basement.” She explained him. As Lucien disappeared, she stood in front of Lucretia, slowly advancing between her legs. “Are you alright, Lucy?”

She nodded. “I want mead!” She complained impatiently.

Eyja lifted her chin and looked in her eyes. “Luke is taking it.” She caressed her cheek and traced her lips with her thumb. “You are so cute…”

“You are too…” Lucretia whispered in a languid tone. The Nord lowered her head and kissed the young Dunmer. Initially dazed, soon she returned the kiss; it was different than kissing Lucien. His kisses were passionate but rough, sometimes even aggressive and he always bit her lips or her tongue while doing it. Eyja’s instead were soft and gentle, even more than Caman’s. Lucretia put her arm around Eyja’s neck and the Nord’s hand traced over her small breast, her waist and grabbed her firmly but still softly by her buttocks. Eyja pressed herself deeper between Lucretia’s legs; the Dunmer could feel herself turning on. Lucretia had heard of women sleeping with other women but she could never really imagine what they did. She wondered if Eyja wanted to sleep with her or just kissing. In the first case she was curious but afraid at the same time. ‘And Lucien? He’s going to be furious if he sees me kissing her…’ She interrupted their kiss but Lucien was already there; he had a strange expression on his face. She couldn’t read him as he neared both women with a feline pace. With his usual graceful and calm attitude, he took three goblets from a shelf and uncorked the bottle. There was an embarrassing silence as she filled the glasses and handed one to each woman.

“Cheers, girls… Were you having fun?” He smirked maliciously.

Eyja grinned back. “I had some… I don’t know if Lucy had it, too…”

“Hm, I think Lucy had quite some fun…” Lucien leaned over and grabbed a handful of her wild mane, kissing her ardently. He was demonstrating his possession over her, though he was willingly to share. He pushed the two women together and made them kiss in front of him.

Soft kisses after rough ones, Lucretia was quite confused but her excitement was growing as she alternated her kisses between Eyja and Lucien. She was still sitting on the table, Eyja’s hand resting on her right thigh and Lucien’s on her left one. She was kissing Lucien as she felt the woman touch her between her legs softly. “Lucien…” She sighed out.

“Shh…” He silenced her words with another kiss. “Let’s go upstairs.”

Lucien lifted her graceful figure and carried her upstairs, followed by Eyja. The fire was almost extinguishing, creating an alluring dim light in the big room. He put her on the bed and took his shirt off, joining her on the soft mattress. He untied her hair and began to kiss her again; the Dunmer returned it and made him lean backwards. She began to kiss his core as she felt soft hands tracing over her flanks; she turned and sat between Lucien’s legs. Eyja began to undress her slowly. First she took her tunic off and her mouth began to tease her neck, wandering down to her breasts. She grinned as she noticed her pierced nipples and began to play gently with them. Lucretia threw her head back and leaned it on Lucien’s shoulder; his hand cupped her cheek and kissed her ardently. Eyja’s mouth lowered gradually and as she past her navel, she took Lucretia’s pants slowly off. The Dunmer looked down at the other woman; both stared lustful into each other’s eyes. Eyja glanced over her naked figure and her hands traced over her thighs; her head lowered and she began to kiss her thighs inside until she reached her already excited genitalia. Lucretia sighed deeply and let go a deep moan as she felt the woman’s lips between her legs, where only Lucien was allowed to kiss her. Eyja’s tongue began to stimulate her nub with soft circling moves; she could feel Lucien’s hand trace over her breast until he reached her neck. He pressed her back, his grip firm on her throat, allowing her to breathe but not to move. He nibbled and kissed her pointed ear, her neck and her shoulder. His other hand touched her stomach and as Eyja lifted shortly her head, he pushed her again between Lucretia’s legs, forcing her to give the elf pleasure. Eyja’s gentle teasing and Lucien’s forceful embrace were exciting her massively, she could hear moans escaping her mouth. She felt a finger entering her cautiously, increasing her stimulation considerably. Lucien’s musky scent had already clouded her mind, anything was confused in her psyche. She closed her eyes and threw her head back, enjoying the pleasure she was taking. It didn’t take her long to feel her toe tips getting numb, a light tickle wandering up her legs and all of a sudden a burning explosion in her loins.

Lucien inhaled deeply the scent of her hair; the tiny elf laying on him was excited and he felt she was nearing her peak. Her breath was becoming faster, her moans louder and she reached for his hand, interlacing his fingers in hers. “Come for me, little elf.” He whispered lustful in her ear and nibbled at her jaw. She began to cry out as she finally reached her orgasm, Eyja kissed her stomach upwards and their lips met again. Lucretia could taste herself on her mouth. Embarrassed but still eager she looked at the Nord, who brushed gently her pale skin. Eyja grinned nastily and whispered something in Lucretia’s ear. She nodded and took another couple of breaths to recover, then she turned to Lucien and smirked. He looked suspiciously at both women. “What do you have in mind, girls?” Lucretia threw upon him and kissed him, she rubbed herself on his hard member. His own excitement was already swollen and trapped in his tight pants, almost hurting and waiting to be freed. Eyja took her dress off and ripped two pieces of fabric, tying Lucien’s wrists at the headboard of the bed. He could have avoided to be bound but he let her do, curious about what both women had in mind. Eyja took his pants off and looked already intrigued at his manhood. Lucretia was still sitting on his core and was teasing his neck and ears. Eyja took his smallclothes off and marvelled at his pulsating phallus. Lucien looked at her as she began to stroke his shaft. “Aren’t you into girls?” He wondered.

“Usually I am, but it does not imply I can’t have some fun with a huge cock.” She giggled mischievously and Lucretia looked back at her. “You mind, Lucy?” She shook her head and resumed her teasing on him. Eyja sat on Lucien and impaled herself with his shaft, she cried out at his size into her. Slowly she began to move upon him and then she pulled the Dunmer back. “I’m not done with you, Lucy.” She whispered in her ear and turned her face to kiss her. Her hand palpated her breasts and wandered downwards, finding her already overexcited clit. Eyja’s fingers began to circle over it while she was taking pleasure riding Lucien.

“Damn... you girls are crazy...” Lucien smirked and enjoyed the sight in front of him; both women riding him in a slow steady rhythm. Lucretia was following Eyja’s moves while the Nord was stimulating her with her skilled fingers. Lucien bit lustful his lower lip as he observed how they kissed deeply each other from time to time. It didn’t take Lucretia long to reach her peak a second time; exhausted she cried out and fell on Lucien while Eyja’s moves on him became faster. She held the Dunmer’s hips as she approached her own climax shortly after. Lucien could feel the muscles of her inside contract around his phallus.

“Damn, master. You’ve got quite a tool down there.” She breathed out heavily.

“I’m not done yet.” Lucien freed one of his hands and shifted Lucretia’s exhausted body on his side, he wanted to take care of himself but Eyja stopped him and shook her head. She began to stroke his hard cock and took it in her warm mouth. Diligently she worked on him while Lucien began to search for Lucretia’s lips. She leaned on her elbows near him and kissed him softly, Lucien drank avidly her kisses and buried his free hand in her hair. He noticed Eyja was not experienced in what she was doing but she obliged in doing a good job. Lucien’s main excitement was given from the Dunmer’s tender and adoring kisses, as she bit his lower lip he finally let go and ejaculated in Eyja’s mouth. The Nord reached for her goblet and swallowed mead with sperm, then she neared Lucretia and kissed her deeply. Lucien freed his other hand and Eyja looked at him.

“You want a kiss from me too?” He shook his head but brushed gently her hair.

“I’m so exhausted...” Lucretia murmured and laid her head on Lucien’s chest.

He kissed her forehead and caressed her back. “Sleep, little elf.” Eyja covered them all three with the soft blanket and lay down near Lucien, her head found place near his neck.

“You smell good.” She whispered to him and giggled, Lucien chuckled softly at her words. He put his other arm around her waist and shifted her body closer to him.


Chapter 36 - Like a blaze above the ashes
Madman's dream

Lucien wants walk separate ways from his Silencer, though she manages to make him change idea. An upcoming event is exciting her visibly. Caman is still hanging around here and putting things into pieces, and seems like anyone is having fun for once.

Altmer OC belongs to Zombilein 
Sorilkad Malur (mentioned) belongs to Zombilein 
Dunmer OC belongs to me
Rest belongs to Bethesda

Writing inspiration:

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Here comes Trouble by towardnone



“Caman, wait.” The Altmer looked at her concerned. “I’ve only slept with one man.”

“Don’t worry, lassie. I can be gentle.”Caman resumed fumbling with her dress, his skilled fingers began to loose the lace behind her neck.

“I- I don’t think I’m ready yet." Lucretia stopped him and Caman pierced his green eyes in hers, she was afraid of his reaction."Please don’t be angry...”

The Altmer read the discomfort on her face and shook his head. “You're still involved, aren't you?”

“I’m trying to get over him.”

“Was it something serious?” She inhaled deeply and nodded. “Of course it was... and he cheated on you?”

“I think he fooled me... plus he’s a bossy ass all the time.”

“Why bossy?" Caman's eyes widened."Fuck, lassie. Don’t tell me he is your bloody superior.” Lucretia blushed and looked away from him. “Ah damn it to Oblivion! What’s wrong with you women... let yourself get fucked by your superior and then wonder why he treats you like dirt under his boot.” Caman laughed out and she did the same.

“Lucretia, I am your superior and you have to do what I say. Do this, don’t do that. Obey. Don’t talk.” She mimicked Lucien with a serious face while Caman rolled around laughing in the hay. “I am your master. You are my apprentice. Lucretia! Don’t look at me like that!”

“Apprentice? By Mephala’s tits, don’t tell me that fucker is one of those bloody mages?”

Lucretia nodded and took a big sip of beer. “He’s Luke, the sorcerer. The snooty Imperial always dressed in black; maybe you know him.”

“Sorcerer? Wait... ah sure. That guy has a bad reputation. An ass indeed but as you describe him he seems to be more of a pussy.” Lucretia spluttered her beer and Caman rolled on top of her again. “You’re so cute when you laugh, lassie.” Again he kissed her intensely and as their lips parted he smiled at her whimsically. “Don’t get me wrong pretty lass but I’m not in for something serious... we can have some fun though. What you think?”

Caman’s hand gently traced her calf upwards. His hand was not soft like Lucien's; it was the hand of a warrior, calloused and his skin was dry, but his touch was tender. Lucretia was not sure to be ready to give herself to another man but she guessed it wouldn’t be a big effort for Caman to seduce her. The unusual Altmer was intriguing and charming; Lucretia felt attracted to him ever since she noticed him in the Imperial City. 'He's so much different from Lucien...' “What do you mean with having fun?”

Caman grinned mischievously and his green eyes sparked. “I don’t know... let’s see while in.” His pierced tongue entered her mouth again and searched for hers. Lucretia returned the kiss.

"I like that little stud through your tongue." Caman took the silver jewel between his teeth and played with it; the Dunmer looked curiously at him. "It's funny to kiss with it."

Caman grinned broadly. "It's funny to do something else, too." She blushed as she got what he meant but then she brushed her nose against his and kissed him once more; Caman's hand traced over her leg again.

Lucretia began to laugh. “It tickles.” His fingers touched her behind her knee. “Caman, stop it!” The Altmer was amused by her hysterical laughing and despite her plea, he continued his vexing touch.

“What are you two doing here?” Another Altmer neared them threateningly with a rake in his hand.

Caman pressed a kiss on Lucretia’s mouth and stood up, facing the other man and towering over him. “What the fuck do you want, you filthy little peasant? And get that bloody rake out of my face, before I shove it up your fucking ass!”

Lucretia could read discomfort on the stableman’s face as he was comparing himself to the tall Altmer warrior. “I call for Ugak!” He menaced him but Caman laughed out loud. Lucretia fixed her dress and neared him.

“Come, let’s go.” She whispered to him.

“It’s your lucky day, you plug-ugly dingbat! The lady wants me to behave well.” He glanced coldly at the stableman. “And feed my fucking horse!” Caman put his arm around Lucretia and they walked back in direction West Gate. “Come, lassie. I still have to tell you the story about my ears and you have to tell me your real name.”


Sinderion coughed out loud. “Luke!” The smaller man was lying upon him and did not move. “Luke, are you alright?” Lucien groaned out as he shifted his weight sideways. The explosion made glass splitters dart through the room and Lucien threw upon Sinderion, catching most of the needle-like shards. Fortunately the thick fabric of his robe prevented them to pierce through the cloth but a couple of glass pieces hit his face. “You saved my life, Luke.” Lucien chuckled and tried to get up. “Don’t move you have a splitter in your face.”

“Then take it out.”

“My eyes are not that good and I think I would faint at the sight of your exposed flesh. Let’s go to the Mages Guild to find a healer.” Lucien stood up and felt sharp pain in his right leg and arm; a couple of bigger glass pieces found their way through his robe. With the help of the alchemist, he took his cloak off and shook it to make the splitters fall down. Lucien leaned at the taller Altmer as they walked slowly their way upstairs and left the West Weald Inn entering the Mages Guild. “Where are they all?” Sinderion wondered and looked around in the empty guildhouse.

“At the feast. Drunk for sure.” Lucien noticed. “Bring me to the Colovian Traders.”


Eyja looked strangely as she saw Lucien and Sinderion enter the shop. “What have you done?”

“A retort exploded and a couple of glass pieces found their way into my flesh. I can’t tear them off by myself.”

“Why not?”

“Because I don’t fucking see them!” Lucien looked upset at her. “Eyja remove those pieces! Now!”

“I would vomit, master.” She walked one step forward and studied careful his visage. “Ehw that one in your face looks nasty. Does it hurt?”

Lucien rolled his eyes and slammed his fist on the desk. “Of course it hurts! I need someone who takes those bloody splitters out of my skin! Instantly!”

“We went to the Mages Guild but they’re all at the festival. Maybe we can call for the Dunmer alchemist?”

Eyja shook her head. “No, I go to call Marie Palielle.”

“Who’s that?” Sinderion wondered.

“The chapel healer of Skingrad.” Lucien explained. “Fine, go and call for her.”

Eyja took her cloak and left.


Lucretia and Caman were strolling to the festival place as they heard a female voice behind them. “Lucy!” She turned and faced Eyja who looked troubled at her.

“What’s wrong?”

“He came into my shop, his face blood smeared and with several glass splitters sticking into his skin. One is a pretty big one! It looks so awful! He can’t walk properly. I think he’s injured.” The Nord was babbling nervously.

“Calm down. Who?”

“You know who!”

“Mr. Pissy?” Lucretia grinned.

Eyja looked confused at her. “You should come with me and help him, not laugh about it.”

Lucretia shook her head. “No, I’m busy now. Whatever happened to him it's not my business... and he might even deserve it.”

Eyja wondered about Lucretia’s answer and eyed first her, then Caman. “I see. I go and call for the chapel healer. We meet later at the feast?”

“Sure, we’re there.” The Nord was about to walk away as she turned and grinned. “By the way... You both have hay in your hair.”

Lucretia blushed and Caman took the hay from her hair. “Who’s Mr. Pissy?” He wondered.

“Ahn... it’s him...”

Caman chuckled. “And you call him Mr. Pissy?”

She shrugged. “He’s always pissed. How should I call him?”

Caman laughed out loud. “You make me die, lassie.”


Lucien looked at his hand; the hot liquid in the retort has burnt his skin. Sinderion neared him. “Can’t you simply heal yourself with a spell?”

Lucien shook his head. “Not now or all the splitters that remain into my flesh would cause an infection. I need to get them out first.”

“I meant the burning.”

“It’s not that worse. It will heal soon.”

“Shall I help you to get out of your clothes?”

Lucien eyed Sinderion closely. ‘You viscid...’ “Be careful.”

Sinderion neared him further and stood in front of him, the Imperial lifted his gaze and looked up at him. He played victim as the Altmer brushed carefully a strand of hair from his face. “I don’t know how to repay for what you’ve done, Luke...” He looked closer at the wound on his right cheekbone.

“It looks bad, doesn’t it?” Sinderion nodded and lowered his face near Lucien’s; the Imperial receded slightly, fooling the alchemist. He could see the intrigued look on his face as he lifted his glance to meet Sinderion's golden eyes. Lucien neared slightly the other man’s face and breathed against his mouth.

“I’m back!” Two women rushed into the Colovian Traders and Eyja observed them suspiciously. The small Breton neared Lucien and studied his face carefully.

“Oh, it looks bad. But nothing we can’t fix.”

“I feel burning in my leg and arm as well.”

“Undress yourself.” Lucien ripped his shirt and Marie helped him cautiously out of the cloth. A bigger splitter was sticking in his triceps. Marie lowered his pants as well and noticed immediately several glass pieces in the backside of his thigh. “I need boiling water and a strong alcoholic beverage.” She ordered to Eyja. The Nord provided a bowl with water which she heated with a flame spell, then she took a bottle of brandy from a shelf. “Don’t move.” She said coldly to her patient and neared him, closely she eyed the wound on his face. Marie took a pair of silver tweezers and carefully removed the piece of glass from his face. Then she soaked a clean cloth in water and cleaned the wound. “There are other little pieces sticking in, remain still.” Lucien did not move while the Breton healer searched carefully under his skin, Sinderion seemed to suffer for the Imperial.

“Does it hurt?” Lucien raised an eyebrow and smirked. “You are so brave.” Sinderion took his hand and brushed over it.

“If all men would be like him my job would be much easier.” Marie stated while she cleaned carefully the wound on Lucien’s face and poured some brandy over the small lesion. Then she removed the glass from his arm. “It looked worse than it is.” Again she cleaned the wound and knelt on the floor. “Lean against the counter and don’t move.” Lucien did as Marie ordered and remained still, patiently waiting until the healer was done with her work. His face remained impassive; Sinderion observed the Imperial standing in front of him; stripped down to his underwear. His eyes wandered over his muscular torso and studied his strong shoulders. Lucien observed Sinderion from the corner of his eyes; he licked his lips as he gazed over the curve of Lucien’s backside and his built legs. “Help me.” Marie said to Sinderion and he turned pale; Eyja rolled her eyes and neared the healer. Both women bandaged carefully Lucien’s wounds on arm and leg. “I removed all the splitters but I don’t want to heal you to be sure there aren’t any left. Come to me tomorrow night and I’ll check if the wounds are infected. Keep the one on your face clean, don’t make abrupt movements, and don’t remove the bandages. The usual things. Better you wear something soft like a tunic or one of those mage robes to avoid fabric rubbing.” Marie noticed the burnt on his hand and healed it with a spell. Lucien paid the woman and she left.

The Imperial drank a couple of sips of brandy. “You can take the rest of the day off, Eyja. I think the whole town is at the festival anyways.” The woman nodded and walked upstairs; soon she came back with a red silk robe and handed it to Lucien.

“Don’t you have anything black?” Eyja shook her head and helped him wearing the cloth. Sinderion seemed displeased to see him dressed again. Lucien took the bottle of brandy and walked slowly towards the door.

“Shall I help you walk home?” The Altmer wanted to follow him but Lucien left without saying a word. Confused he looked at Eyja, she shrugged.

“Don’t take it personal. He’s just moody.”


Lucien entered Rosethorn Hall and called for the Dunmer. No answer came and as he performed a Detect Life spell, he understood that the big manor was empty. He poured some brandy in a big cup and emptied it in one sip, then he sat in front of the fire and watched the blazing flames. He could not exactly tell why, but for once he felt deeply alone. A while later he reached for a silver plate and observed his reflection. The small wound on his cheekbone disturbed him profoundly. Upset he threw the plate in the fire and watched the shiny metal darkening in the flames.


Lucretia and Caman were sitting on a wooden bench as he closed their distance, brushing his nose against hers and kissed her deeply. “Tell me your real name.” He whispered in her sensitive ear. She shook her head and looked intrigued at the Altmer.

“Tell me about your ears.”

“I want to know your name first...”

Lucretia grinned. “But you already got a kiss earlier.”

Caman smirked and emptied his cup of wine. “Think about it while I take another round.” The tall Altmer stood and walked to the counter. She observed him as he waited to be served; despite being a rascal he seemed trustworthy. ‘Why not... he seems to be a Dunmer in disguise.’ She noticed for herself and repressed a grin.

Caman sat down next to her and smiled heartily. “So? A secret for a secret?” She whispered a word in his ear. “Sa’alah?” He wondered and she bit her lower lip, nodding. “Why do you keep it secret?”

“At least you pronounced it right. Now it’s your turn.”

“I don’t like to tell you my story in the middle of people. Come let’s go for a walk behind the chapel.” Caman stood and made his way through the crowd; Lucretia followed him and observed him from behind. The chainmail sleeves tinkled slightly and despite being tall and big built his pace was calm and light. As soon as they were out of the crowd she hooked her arms around his one and walked close to him.

“Now tell me.”

Caman sighed heavily. “It’s a long story, lass.”

Lucretia smiled and glanced up to the sky. “I believe we have time, Caman. As you said, a secret for a secret.”

The Altmer chuckled softly. “Good point.” He pulled her over to one of the big boulders in the shadow of the chapel and lifted her slender form up, before he pulled himself up to sit next to her. For a moment he bit his lower lip, thinking about where to start. “I already told you I grew up in Suran, right?” The Dunmer nodded. “My mother and I were dirt poor, so I learned to fend for myself early on, despite this I befriended a lanky weak looking rich kid. We stuck together like glue and had many adventures together. He came to be my brother by heart. But then we grew older and though we still had strong bond, Sorilkad left Suran for Sardith Mora. Soon after I went to Vivec and became a member of the Morag Tong.” He paused a moment smiling at her. “For a while it went well. I made fucking good money and climbed the ranks. And then I got a contract that changed everything.” Again the Altmer hesitated a moment.

“Why?” Lucretia prompted him to go on. She reached for his hand and held it in hers.

“The name on the contract was one I knew too well. I had to kill Sorilkad’s father. I knew how much he loved his family and how it would break his heart to loose him. And I would loose my brother if he ever found out. So I went to Sardith Mora instead and warned Sorilkad of the danger his father was in.” He took a deep breath and glanced up to the sky. “Didn’t save his old man though, he was killed by another assassin shortly after my betrayal. Poor bastard was blown to pieces after Sorilkad learned his name... Well and I was jumped by my guild mates in a dark and dank alleyway in Balmora. They wrestled me down and cut my ear off with a dull rusty knife. Do you know what it means?” Lucretia shook her head. “I was fucking exiled and free to kill. For weeks I moved from city to city but every time they found me. Nearly lost my other ear in a fight. And my life.” He lifted his head, revealing a white scar directly under his jawbone. Someone had tried to cut his throat. “It only ended when I left Resdayn and now I’m here!” He smiled brightly at her.

“Damn, Caman I’m so sorry. It was not my intent to bring up awful memories.”

The Altmer shrugged. “Ah, don’t feel bad. Besides I’m not alone. Sorilkad moved to Cyrodiil as well because of his special interest in magic... I bet you would like the guy.” There was a moment of silence descending on the pair of elves, each of them lingering in their own past and thoughts. Lucretia hugged her knees and leaned her head on them; she observed Caman and finally she broke the heavy quiet.

“We have a lot in common, you know?”

“What for example?”

“My mother was from Suran. Well, actually no one knows where she’ originally from but she grew up there and worked as prostitute.”

“My mother was a whore as well.”

“You see. Then my father met her and bought her freedom. He married her and soon after I was born. And my closest half-brother was in the Morag Tong as well... after one year there he changed so much...”

“Aye... it’s a hard life. Watch your back or get fucked...”

“T’uran was the most sensitive man I’ve ever known. He was a dreamer, not a fighter... I don’t even know why he joined... He began to do skooma to black out.”

“Fuck... wait, why was? He... left?”

She shook her head. “No. He died.” She blinked to keep her tears back; she didn’t want to ruin that evening talking about sad memories though it felt so good to her to speak to someone with a similar background. Lucien knew her story but she was aware he did not fully understand her environment. Caman brushed her hand gently. “Actually my whole family died... I’ve none left there.”

“Damn, lass...”

Lucretia took his hand in hers again and played with his fingers. “Well, I can’t change it. It’s just that sometimes I miss them so much. Since their death I’ve gotten deep and deeper into trouble... and sometimes you just need someone to talk to... but there is none.”


“I’m not really able to relate with other people. The closest person to me is... him.” She looked down to her feet.

“I see... Well, we can be friends, I’m sure you told me more than to most of the other persons you know. Guess I’ve given you a good feeling.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Friends?”

“Yeah friends. You know drink friends, fuck friends... whatever you prefer.” Lucretia began to laugh. “Why did you leave Resdayn?” He wondered.

“Ahn... I was declared an outlaw and the Morag Tong was after me.”

Caman’s eyes darkened. “You too... I fucking hate them. With every fibre of myself, and I’ve vowed, that I rip every fucking assassin into tiny bloody pieces. Morag Tong, Dark Brotherhood makes no difference. Rokav will be coated in blood.” He made his hand to a fist.

Lucretia swallowed and felt guilty. She didn’t want to lie to him but she didn’t feel to tell him the truth either. “You know what, Caman. Let’s talk about more pleasant things. I like that idea of being friends.”

The Altmer smirked impish at her. “And what kind of friends do you want us to be? I suggest fuck friends, more fun.” He neared her and cupped her cheek and began to kiss her gently.

“Drink friends... for now.” She whispered between his kisses.

“Is there the possibility to change that status with some liquid courage?”

“Maybe.” She flirted with him. “But I can’t promise you anything.”

“I wouldn’t call myself a man if I wouldn’t try at least.” He jumped from the boulder and helped her down. “Come, lassie. Let’s go have some wine.”


Lucien felt asleep on the couch in front of the fire. Days of disturbed rest left their mark, his speeding brain always kept him tense. Finally, after several cups of brandy, his mind shut down but his dreams were not pleasant. He saw confused figures around his Silencer pulling her away from him. Then a man in red appeared and held her close to him, facing Lucien. His bright green eyes sparked like flames and seemed to devour anything, a mischievous smirk on his lips seemed to challenge him. Lucien could feel danger and woke abruptly; sweat was sticking on his face. Eyja stood in front of him and looked worried at the Imperial.

“Sorry, master. I didn’t want to wake you...”

“It’s alright.” Lucien blinked a couple of times and face palmed himself, he noticed it was evening already. “What time is it?”

“Almost midnight.”

“Where’s Lucretia?”

Eyja turned pale. “I think... still out.”

Lucien’s eyes darkened. “You think or you know?” The Nord stared terrorized at him. Lucien stood up and neared her, he performed a charming spell. “Where is she?”

Eyja shivered. “She’s still at the feast and-" Lucien took his robe and left Rosethorn Hall. “Crap... forgive me, Lucy.”


Lucien arrived at the feast and looked around. His eyes searched through the crowd but he could not find her. Then accidentally he spied her sitting aside on a bench; a redhead was near her and they were drinking and laughing together. He recognized the tall Altmer warrior, he saw him at the Imperial City the past week. Lucien noticed they were sitting close together, dangerously close. The Altmer brushed her cheek and his lips pressed a kiss on her mouth. They had an intense eye exchange and then she returned his kiss, their lips melted together. Annoyed Lucien observed them both, they seemed to not have intention to end it that soon. The Altmer’s hand cupped her cheek and brushed her hair, then he traced over her back and pulled her closer to him. Lucretia put her arms around his neck and their kiss deepened. Lucien's anger was growing into him and burned, he felt a bitter taste in his mouth. He felt like the Altmer was taking away what was his and he could not accept this affront. Finally they broke their kiss and reached for air, they looked smiling at each other. The Altmer rubbed his nose against hers and brushed a strand of hair from her face. Lucien understood they were excited, he could literally smell their hormones as he neared them. The Altmer must have noticed his presence for he looked in his direction. As Lucretia followed his eyes, she froze.

"May I?" Lucien pointed to the free place at the table in front of them. The Altmer gave him a nod and looked challenging at him. "So you both found together finally."

Caman felt Lucretia's body stiffen up, a clear sign that she was feeling uncomfortable at the Imperial's presence. "Who the bloody fuck are you?" He faced the Dunmer." Is that ass faced dickhead Mr. Pissy?" Lucretia snorted and laughed out loud, much to Lucien's displease. His instinct would have led him to punch his fist right into the Altmer's face but he remained calm.

"And who are you? Mr. Mouthy?"

Caman laughed out loud, his long fiery hair waved with his heads movements. "You are complimenting me, sera." He said with a hint of sarcasm. "Caman Verhane, at your service."

"Luke Skywalker, not at your service." He pointed at Lucretia. "But she's at mine."

"Skywalker?! You’re fucking kidding me, right? That’s the most ridiculous name I’ve ever heard. You came up with that all by yourself? Bahrsa'eltim, don't you think, hla com?" She grinned at Caman’s words and challenged Lucien with her crimson eyes.

"Don't talk Dunmeri in my presence, I'm no savage." Lucien menaced the Altmer subtlety but he didn’t let himself intimidate that easily.

Lucretia was nervous and began to sip compulsively at her cup. “Os evven'ton ohn ghar ohm alma rath!She heard him say and swallowed the wine the wrong way, she began to laugh and cough at the same time. Lucien's eyes darkened as he looked at the irreverent Altmer first and then at his Silencer. Lucretia knew Lucien did not understand her native language and he was too proud to ask what Caman said. The warrior studied carefully the situation and behind anger and repulsion, he noticed a hint of emotion in the Imperial's eyes when he looked at the girl.

“Lucretia go and take us wine.” Lucien ordered to her while he eyed the Altmer.

“No. Go on your own.”

“I need to have a word with the gentleman here.” She looked at Caman and he gave her a nod. Upset she went to the counter.

“Verhane. I know who you are. Your reputation precedes you.”

“Hm.” Caman grinned. “And I know who you are.”

Lucien raised an eyebrow. “Do you?”

“You’re that crazy sorcerer... voices say you’re involved in affairs with the Dark Brotherhood.”

“If the Brotherhood would exist for real... but I have my doubts. Everyone knows it’s just a legend.”

Caman sat up straight. “I know the Brotherhood is no legend and I've sworn I’d shove my polished claymore up in every sodding assassin’s ass.” Lucien felt his green eyes challenge him, though he remained calm. “I bet some might eve like that.” Both men looked at each other; none of them wanted to break the eye contact first. Caman felt Lucien was hiding something, though his status prevented him to attack anyone first. "I know you like her." He changed subject.

Lucien played dumb. "Whom?"

"Lucy or Sa'alah or how in Oblivion you want to call her." Caman looked at her as she hopped impatiently from one foot to another, waiting to be served. She felt his eyes on her and made a stupid face, smiling broadly. Caman liked her but not in that way; he could see there was something deep between them both and decided to call himself out. For Caman it was only a matter of having some fun, for the Imperial it seemed to be a consuming obsession. As much as the Altmer would have liked to peeve the arrogant Imperial, he respected Lucretia’s feelings for him and decided to not play with them. “I don’t know what happened between you both but I suggest you put the record straight.”

“I can’t remember to have asked for your advice.”

Caman shrugged. “It was no advice, it was my reflection. But don’t worry; if you deny her, I’ll be glad to take her for me. Actually I really hope it, I’m pretty curious to see where she has piercings and tattoos apart from her pretty face. Because she has, right?” Caman provoked Lucien pulling his silver stud between his teeth. The Imperial was mad, he could feel rage burning literally every fibre of his body. He remained collected and eyed the Altmer coldly; he observed how Caman played lasciviously with the metal ornament in his mouth. “And once she has tried Verhane’s tongue there’s no coming back.” Caman was sure he had pushed the right buttons. “But you know what the thing I prefer the most is? When I get girls that mad that they begin to fuck my face.” He chuckled and continued to provoke the Imperial with his sparking eyes.

“What are you talking about?” Lucretia came back with three cups but slopped some wine.

“That you’re a little mess.” Caman took her hand and licked sensually the liquid from her skin. He glanced shortly at Lucien, then he stood up. “I go for a round, lass.”

She widened her eyes. “What? Why?”

“I think you both have to talk.” He whispered in her ear.

“But-“ Caman lifted her chin and kissed her deeply. Lucien rolled his eyes and looked annoyed at them.

“It’s alright. If you need me you know where to find me.” He kissed her forehead and walked away.


"What was this?" Lucien looked upset at her.

"I thought you were not jealous." She closed her arms in front of her chest. "I was just having a chat with a new friend."

"Kissing dearly and brushing noses together all the time looks not like a friendly conversation to me."

"Why do you even care, Lucien?"

Lucien remained silent, he took a sip of wine but decided it was too sweet for his taste. "Time to go home, elf."


"Yes. Greet your friend and move."

“Did you menace him to leave us?” She questioned him angrily.

“I don’t think he’s the kind of guy who gets intimidated easily.”

The Dunmer eyed Lucien badly, her attention got caught by a wound on his right cheekbone. “What happened to your face?”

“Do you care?”


“Fine then, here you have your answer. Fun is over for tonight. You come home with me now. This is not an invitation.” He observed her as she walked to Caman. The Altmer put an arm around her as she talked to him and nodded, then she shifted on her toe tips and threw her arms around his neck. Caman buried his hand in her hair and kissed her. It disturbed Lucien extremely to see him touch her wild mane, the thing he deemed his own weakness. As she walked back to him, Caman eyed him cautiously. Lucien wasn’t sure he could win a fight against him, he guessed the Altmer was not an average warrior from the guild. The Imperial grabbed unkindly her arm and tore her away from the feast.

“I can walk on my own!” She freed from his grasp and walked in front of him.

“Why does your fancy friend talk Dunmeri? Isn’t an Altmer supposed to snob savages little elves like you?”

Lucretia turned and eyed him angrily. “No, Lucien! Not everyone is such a haughty ass like you. And he has grown up in Vvardenfell, like me!”

“What did he say to me earlier?” Lucretia snorted. “Answer!”

“That he’s going to rape you on your mother’s back.”

“So these are the friends you want to have?” Again she turned and rushed towards Rosethorn Hall. “Lucretia! I’m not done with you!”


“Where are you going?” Lucretia rushed upstairs; Eyja looked confused at Lucien. “Lucretia!” Lucien ran upstairs after her; she was about to close the door but he pushed it open and entered the room.

“Leave me alone! Get out of here!” Her red eyes seemed to spit fire.

“Are you completely out of mind? What is wrong with you elf?”

“What is wrong with me? You are evil! I’ve done nothing to you and you keep hurting me all the time. Every time I try to get close to you, you push me away and treat me like one of your minions.”

“So you’re going to repay for my deeds wasting yourself on another man?”

“I like him! And he likes me.”

Lucien chuckled evilly. “I would not be sure he’s going to like you anymore as soon as he finds out who you truly are. Do you know who he is?”

“Yes, he’s a warrior from the Fighters Guild.” She looked confused at him.

“He’s an archenemy to the Dark Brotherhood. His claymore impaled several assassins like us.” Lucretia widened her eyes and swallowed; she knew Lucien was telling the truth. “Don’t think he will spare you because you blink with your big eyes and look nice to him. He will be thrilled to find out you’re not a regular assassin but the Silencer to a Speaker of the Black Hand.” In an outburst Lucretia threw herself on him and wanted to hit him but Lucien blocked her wrists with his hands. “I got a weak point. Did you already sleep with him?” Lucien tightened his grip and pierced his eyes into hers.

“You hurt me! Let me go!” Lucretia struggled to free herself but Lucien’s hold was firm.

“Did you?” He questioned her, she tried to keep up and refused to answer. “He knows your name, Lucretia! Your real one!”

“That is not your fucking business, you Imperial pig! You have destroyed my life and still pretend to have control upon it.” A tear ran down her cheek and Lucien let her go.

“Destroyed you life...?”

“You recruited me for the Dark Brotherhood, you made me your Silencer, you fooled me and forced me to remain with you. You promised shelter and anything I got was troubles and mischance. If it wasn’t for you I had not experienced that horrible night with Vicente. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be a vampire now. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t got caught by the vampire hunters and abused again! And if it wasn’t for you I would not be here facing your fucking face! You’re the worst thing that happened to me, I wish I’ve never met you!” Lucretia spit on the floor and eyed him full of hatred. Lucien remained incredulous at her words, he blinked a couple of times and looked vaguely into nothing.

“Fine then...” Despondent he turned and left the room. He walked slowly downstairs and disappeared in the basement.

Eyja walked upstairs and neared the young Dunmer. Her eyes were wet, not of sadness but of rage. “Lucy, don’t see anything black...”

“I hate him so much, Eyja. You’ve no idea what I’ve been through because of him!”

The Nord brushed gently her hair. “If he makes you feel so bad you should leave and forget him once for all, Lucy. There’s no other way.”


Lucretia woke the day after, bright light was shining outside; the red curtains were softening the light. It gave a strange shade to the rooms inside, it seemed to be in an erotic dream. It must have been afternoon already and she had no intent to leave the bed that soon. 'I'll wait till Eyja comes back from work...' She rolled in the bed and covered her head. A soft hand traced over her flank till it reached her hip; she turned and faced him. Lucien kissed her neck and pressed his hips against her butt. He turned her and his hand cupped her cheek. He kissed her gently and her body reacted to him, he placed himself between her legs and pinned her wrists down.

"I want you, Lucretia." He whispered against her lips.

She thought back at the evening before and remembered she was angry with him. "But I don’t want you. Go down from me." Resigned Lucien moved away from her and left the bed.

After minutes of silence she heard a strange noise and she raised her head. Her eyes recognized Caman leaning against the table. Lucien smirked and looked mischievously at her. "You would like him more, don’t you, little elf?"

"Wh-what?" Lucien began to kiss the tall Altmer, his skilled hands began to undress him. Lucien was already naked and she spied his perfectly formed back while his body rubbed against Caman. The Imperial untied Caman's long hair, a cascade of bright flames surrounded his pale face. The Altmer grabbed unkindly a handful of Lucien's corvine hair and began to kiss him in return; lustful their hands traced over each others torso, Caman's hands palpated Lucien's buttocks. The Imperial began to kiss the other man's chest, his tongue found playful one of his nipples. Caman's eyes found hers and he grinned evilly; he bit lustful his lower lip.

"You want me to subdue him for you, lass?" Lucretia found herself nodding without thinking first; she shivered at the malicious look the Altmer was giving her. Unkindly he grabbed Lucien's hair and forced him on his knees. "Down, pet." Lucien obeyed and began to unbuckle his belt; slowly he lowered Caman's tight pants. The redhead groaned low in approval. "You surrender to me?"

"I succumb willingly." Lucien began to stroke Caman's member; the Altmer's hand neared his face to his genitalia.

"Then suck, pet." The proud Imperial did as he commanded, he welcomed his phallus in his humid mouth; Caman threw his head back and groaned while Lucien gave him pleasure. The Altmer grabbed his hair with both hands and thrust deep into his throat. Then he forced him to stand up and made Lucien lean against the table. Caman grabbed lustful his buttock and looked at Lucretia again. He said nothing, he just smirked while she blushed intensely. Then her eyes found Lucien's and he looked licentious at her.

"Make him do to me whatever you want." His velvety voice sounded excited.

"I... don’t... know..."

"You want me to spank him?" She remained deadpan and did not react. Caman chuckled. "I take it for a yes." She could hear a heavy slap, a big red mark in form of a hand appeared on Lucien's buttock.

"Again..." Lucien groaned out loud and arched his back. Caman slapped him hard another time.

"He did it to you, didn’t he?" Lucretia nodded. "And I'm sure he always takes you unkindly." Again her head shook yes. Caman took Lucien's long hair and twisted it around his hand; his hips pressed against the smaller man's backside. "You have to be nice to the lady."

"Yes." Lucien answered lustful.

"Rough love is for the men, to the ladies we are gentle." Caman tugged Lucien's hair back.


"And now I'm going to ride you like a fucking horse." Without forewarning, Caman shoved his hard member into Lucien, he pressed his core on the table and began to drill into him. Lucretia looked away embarrassed but she could hear Lucien's voice groan encouraging the Altmer to fuck him faster and deeper. She didn’t know how to behave in this moment, she didn’t even know why she was there looking at both men. 'Why am I here? Why are they here?'

An unexpected noise caught her attention and as she opened her eyes again, there was nobody in front of her. Her head was still under the blanket and she noticed she was sweaty. She swallowed as she uncomfortably was aware to be excited, she could feel humid between her legs. 'Another dream... fuck. But why Lucien and Caman... Caman...’ She heard again a noise and looked up. "Eyja?" She looked closer and recognized Lucien rummage in a closet.

"It was not my intent to wake you, I'm sorry." He neared her. "But since you are, do you mind if I wash myself." Lucretia shook her head and turned to the other side. As she heard Lucien undress she turned again and spied at him. 'Did I dream? Or did he perform mind control again?' She observed the contour of his muscular body in the backlight. She noticed two bandages, one on his right arm and one on his right thigh. Lucien soaked a cloth in a basin with hot water and traced slowly over his skin. His fluid and sensual movements caught her attention for a while. 'He would never subdue to anyone... I wonder if Caman is a wicked freak like him. He was so gentle... and so caring.' She reminded the beginning of her affair with her Speaker. 'Lucien was gentle too... the first time.' Embittered she turned on the other side and tried to ignore his presence.

She must have slept in again, for Lucien woke her after a while. "Wake up, I have some tea." Lucien brushed a strand of her hair behind her ear and looked humanely at her. She sat up and took the cup from his hand. He looked unusual, he was wearing a red silk robe and his hair was hanging free over his shoulders.



"Have you ever slept with a man?" She asked him diffidently.

Initially he looked confused at her but then he chuckled. "Why are you asking?"

"Yes or no?"

Lucien grinned impish and stood up. "You shouldn’t ask things you don’t really want to know the answer." He was about to walk away as she threw the teacup after him, missing him of little. He turned and rushed to her. "What is now with you, elf?"

"Can you not simply answer?"

"You're a lunatic."

Lucretia threw against Lucien and both fell on the floor. She sat upon him and blocked his hands with hers. "And you are evil." She hissed at him and revealed her fangs.

"It's not me the evil one, I've done nothing to harm you on purpose."

Upset she looked at him and clenched her grip around his wrists, her sharp fingernails pierced into his flesh. She let go one of his hands and sucked avidly the tiny amount of blood under her nails, Lucien took advantage from the situation and overthrew her. Lucretia looked at him with languid eyes and her tongue traced over her teeth. Lucien's face remained emotionless but he did not like what he saw. Lucretia moved sensually under him, hooking both her legs around his hips; Lucien smelled her hormones and noticed she was excited, in which way he couldn’t tell exactly.

"Why don’t you rape me and give me your blood in exchange."

"I hope you're not serious. I'm no rapist."

"It doesn’t make you a better person." She laughed out and her blood-injected eyes looked at him full of disdain. "For what it matters to me, I couldn’t even hate you more than I already do."

"I don’t take advantage from you."

"It doesn’t make any difference. It's your entire fault what happened to me. Rape me, Lucien!" She implored him.

"You're completely out of mind, elf." She clenched her legs tighter but he managed to free from her grasp.

"You haven't touched me after what happened down there. You think I'm rotten now, am I right? Why don't you want me anymore?" Lucien tried to ignore her but she spit randomly words of venom to him, making him responsible for what she had been through. "Now give me your fucking blood!"

Lucien took both her shoulders and shook her violently. "Pull yourself together!" He yelled at her and his eyes darkened. "What the fuck, Lucretia! Now it's enough or I swear I'll get rid off you!"

"I don’t care Lucien! I don’t care about anything. Dirty s'wit. Now have the balls and do it!" Lucien couldn’t control himself anymore and his hand slapped her face heavily. All of a sudden she felt burning on her cheek and looked shocked at him. "Are you done now?"

"You hit me!" She screamed furiously at him.

"You'll get another one if you continue." He menaced her. Lucien was breathing heavily, trying to keep his rage under control. Lucretia began to cry hysterically.

"Get out of here! Out! Who the fuck are you to treat me like this? I hate you!"

Lucien left the room and walked downstairs. He was twisted; a part of him wanted to remain but he couldn’t stand her like that anymore. 'What happened to you, elf? You're becoming like Ade... obsessive and deranged.' Lucien was truly worried about her but figured out he couldn’t take care of her; too many things happened between them and they were both emotionally involved. 'I already have enough issues in my life, I can't take care of a raging vampire earthquake.' Lucien shook dreary his head and poured a cup of brandy. He emptied it in one sip and felt the burning flow down into his stomach. He sat in front of the fire and waited until he could think clearly, trying to figure out what would be the right thing to do for her. For a moment he was afraid she was right accusing him, he had ruined her life. 'Maybe it is true; if it wasn’t for me, nothing happened.' He began to play with a strand of his hair and looked absently in the fire. He could hear her scream upstairs.

"Lucieeen! I hate you with all myself!"

'I can't take it no more. This is a madhouse! If she thinks I’m evil it might as well be for real.'


The sun was already setting outside as Lucien left his manor. He inhaled deeply the chill autumn air. His eyes admired the red and orange tones the dying sun was leaving in the sky. Lucien felt relieved as he figured out that it was Middas and with this day, a possible solution to his problems was coming. He walked down the street as he noticed a dark cloaked figure leaving a house. He lifted his gaze and read All Things Alchemical on the wooden sign. He cleared his throat and the figure in front of him stopped.

“Bellamont.” He could hear the Breton curse and turned to him.

“Oh, Lachance. What brings you here in Skingrad?”

“The yearly wine feast of course... and besides that, I own a house here.” Lucien’s eyes studied the young Breton’s ones. He had something wicked in his mind, he was sure about that. “And you? Bought some venom at the Alchemy store? To poison some arrows, maybe?” Mathieu looked coldly at him. ‘He’s good at hiding thoughts.’

“No. I am... dating the shopkeeper.”

Lucien faked a surprised expression, he somewhat expected that answer. “Curious. I thought you were into men.”

“Not lately. Does it bother you? Did you already eye her for yourself?” Mathieu asked him with a childish face. Lucien patted his shoulder.

“You can have her. Where is the Listener by the way? I can’t communicate with him lately.”

Mathieu shrugged. “Why should I know?”

“Aren’t you his flunky?”

The Breton inhaled deeply and looked annoyed. “Again this story? It’s Arquen saying that because she’s jealous.” He paused and neared Lucien. “We all know how Arquen is. And you know how women are, right Lachance?” He smirked at the Imperial.

“Sure. That’s why I’m into men lately.”

Mathieu raised an eyebrow. “I have to go.”


Lucien turned invisible and entered the West Weald Inn, unnoticed he walked upstairs into a well-known room. He took place in a dark corner of the chamber and waited patiently. He used the silence and loneliness to order his thoughts. It has been years he hadn’t felt that awkwardly sad and in a state of impotence. 'Did I expect everything to run smooth or what...?’ Lucien reprehended himself; he wanted to do the thing that seemed the most legit to him.

It was hours later as he heard familiar footsteps walking up the stairs, the pace was calm and stealthy. The door opened and a dark figure entered cautiously the room. The man put his backpack on the bed and undressed from his heavy outerwear. He murmured words of disdain and random insults towards the festive mood hanging in Skingrad. An evil smirk appeared on Lucien's face as he slowly neared him. The man seemed to sense his presence and raised shortly his head, then he continued to rummage in his leather pack. Lucien moved silent like a cat behind the man. He noticed something again as the Imperial's hand covered his mouth and his dagger pierced into his back.

"What is the flavour of fear?" Lucien's velvety voice whispered into his pointed ear. The man turned abruptly and faced him furiously.

"Lachance! You'll never lose that habit to sneak around, you fetcher!"

Lucien laughed evilly. "My pleasure, Uvani." The Dunmer looked angrily at him, his red eyes revealed his disdain. Lucien and Alval hated each other deeply, though each of them both had respect over the other.

"But not mine." Alval closed his arms in front of his chest. "What do you want? I guess you're not here to ask me to join you to the wine feast."

Lucien chuckled. "You're not pretty enough for a date with me... get that ugly scowl from your face and try again."

"I've not the whole night, Lachance! Tell me what you want and fuck off!"

"Actually two things." Lucien's face turned serious.

"I'm listening."

"First: Why is Bellamont around in Skingrad and why is he interested in the Dunmer alchemist?"

"That's a thing I'm investigating as well."

Lucien nodded satisfied, he guessed Alval was already following a trail. "Second: I need to get rid off my Silencer."

Alval looked at him as he had not heard right.


Chapter 35 - Like a blaze above the ashes
Chapter 35 - Madhouse

What happens when a teenage vampire gets in her rebel attitude and all in a sudden has interest in another man?
Constantly challenged by his Silencer and her new dangerous friend, Speaker Lachance is losing his patience. Time for some drastic changes.
Caman still hanging around here, for he's causing not enough trouble in his own world.
Beware little scene maleslash in here.

I have to thank the awesome :iconzombilein: for all the help and patience, all the parts with Caman are written or corrected by her, idem for the Dunmeri/Drow tanslation of the insult "I rape you on your mother's back" and the lovely nickname "Mr. Pissy" for Lucien Hug 

"Mr. Trouble" Caman Verhane (Altmer OC) belongs to Zombilein 
Sorilkad (mentioned) belongs to Zombilein 
Both appear in EvilNurseVoorhees fanfiction "Brothers of Darkness"
Dunmer OC Sa'alah/Lucy belongs to me
rest belongs to Bethesda

Medieval "Party Mix"…

RPG Playlist - Tavern/Festival music…
embedded_item1489009809138 by towardnone
Here comes Trouble
Gift for :iconzombilein: 

Altmer OC Caman Verhane wich is also my mancrush :heart: I just took the liberty to draw him with untied hair because I'm a hair fetishist. 
Unusual, mouthy and impudent; he is no typical Altmer mage but a warrior in the Fighters Guild. His left ear is missing because of issues in the past. 

Watercolour and inkpen on Fabriano white 220gsm paper 

Caman appears in EvilNurseVoorhees Oblivion based fanfiction but since he had not made enough trouble there, he snuck into mine as well.

Perfect song for the character
I- Warriors

OC Caman Verhane belongs to Zombilein 
embedded_item1489009809138 by towardnone


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